Bali : Facts to Know before you Go! (Shot on iPhone 6 Plus)

Bali : Facts to Know before you Go! (Shot on iPhone 6 Plus)


Bali is one of the few places where you can simply fly down from India ( and many other countries too), without a visa. In fact, it is visa free and that means that you save a lot of money as fees for visa on arrival. As a holder of Indian passport, you have to just get your passport stamped at the immigration and voila!…..You are in…!!!

You can mostly fly in from Major cities in India. You have a lot of flight options, but I chose to fly a full service airline. You can actually get much cheap rates if you buy the tickets in advance – say around a month …

For transit in KL airport, you will not need a visa in case the transit time is less than 6 hours. Most flights to Bali would be via KL, Singapore, Bangkok. Preferred route is via KL. So, for my trip, I transited through KL and then to Bali, but I didn’t need to have a visa for either. Amazing…isn’t it?

Most of the beaches in Bali are favourable for surfing and you would see a lot of tourists carrying their surf boards. Even locals enjoy surfing..

The beaches of Bali have a tinge of black sand mixed with white / yellow sand. The black colour is due to the volcanic ashes / lava. Bali has two active volcanoes – Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung. Mt. Agung had erupted three months ago and is considered dangerous. Mt. Batur last erupted in 1970s..and is a tourist spot now.

This is Mount Batur! Look carefully at the lower part of the mountain and you would see black patches. The patches are due to the lava which had erupted. The vegetation has not grown back even in 50 years. Scary !!!!

Don’t worry.. This is a tourist spot now and you can have a sumptuous lunch with a close up view of Mount Batur.

We had black rice pudding in this restaurant, which offered an amazing view of Mount Batur. This can be enjoyed best with coconut milk and grated coconut as condiments. Must Try!

Yes, you read it Right!

The world’s costliest coffee is called “Kopi Luwak” and is basically made by collecting un digested beans from the poo of a civet cat called – “Luwak”. Trust me, it tastes amazing.

That’s the Luwak Coffee ..!!

We went to a plantation, where there were specific employees wearing t shirts – “Poo Hunters”.

That’s a Luwak !!

Paintings are amazing and if you can bargain well…you can get them at attractive prices. International debit and credit cards work almost everywhere and there are ATMs also, from where you can withdraw money. Everything costs a minimum of Lac in bali…in Indonesian Rupaiya. Scared?…Don’t be….Check the currency conversions and you would be grinning from ear to ear…!!

Food is not out of the world..but yes, it is good. Like the dish above, most of the dishes are basically a mixture of almost everything and they have a very spicy sauce called “sambal”…

You can try..”Nasi Goreng” (Fried Rice) or “Nasi Chempur ( Dish Above)….if you are interested in Indonesian cousine.

Bali has a lot of temples ( couple of them are more than 500 years old!) , amazing beaches and great shopping options.

Check Out the Video Below for More….

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