Brazil Travelogue : Part 2 / Food & Drinks @ Sao Paolo

Brazil Travelogue : Part 2 / Food & Drinks @ Sao Paolo


Unlike in India…the Lunch plates look like this in Brazil ( Sao Paolo)..

That’s where we were taken for Dinner from FGV…and Yes…They Do make Better Pizzas than Italy 🙂

Chocolate Pizza …..Soft and Yummy @ 1900 Pizzeria

Evening Snack : Brazilian Coffee and Cake 

The Legendary “Caipirinhas” of Brazil @ Hooters

Version 2 @ Lunch….

Piece of Art – Ready to be served on Table…

This is a place for Brazilian barbecue….One of the Best in Brazil…

Salads ( Only) on buffet…..

Laidback Ambience….

Meat Served right on the Table…..

The Gentleman on black T shirt is a vegetarian…:)

Selfie with Profs and Students from Renmin Business School, China…

Desert is also an art…..

Icecream and chocolate sauce….Must Try…

“I am not going to share this with anyone”……thats what he says…:)

Post Dinner “Happy Selfie” of all GNAM Students @ IIMB India / YALE US / EGADE Mexico / KOC Turkey / RENMIN China….

Ohh, Thats a Cafe !! 🙂


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