Colours of Bali!! ( Shot On iPhone 6 Plus)

Colours of Bali!! ( Shot On iPhone 6 Plus)


Bali is an amazing destination which is colourful in it’s own way! Be it the temples, the beaches, the food, the cultural dance (Barong & Kecak dances), the rice terraces of Tegalalang in Ubud, the flora and fauna…..all of them add to the “colour” of Bali. Bali is one big canvas where there is a riot of colours. I will take you through my journey in Bali….and let you experience a festival of colours…

This Post will let you know about Bali, the places to visit as a tourist, and how would be your stay in Bali. It would also tell you what to expect and what not to expect…..These are solely based on my experiences and based on how I witnessed Bali through my eyes!

Bali is a big island. And the preferred way to visit this island is by flying in. If you get a window seat, you would notice that the plane that you are in, would start descent while on sea..It would continue it’s descent and you would be able to notice the waves swirling on sea…few minutes down the line, you would notice that the plane would descend into the sea only to realise a moment later that….the runway is partly into the sea. The landing is an amazing experience. You would literally feel that you are landing on sea…..

Post you land and make it towards the immigration counters, you would realise another ocean…this time of humans. All trying to get into Bali through the immigration. Well…while I was standing in the queue, I could see an ocean of people ahead of me…The only consolation was that the immigration line gets managed really fast and I could make it through the immigration in 20 minutes. I presumed, it would take longer…

Bali gets visited by tourists from all across the world. Lot of Australians, Americans, Asians (Including Indians/Chinese in majority), even Europeans can be seen…May to October is the dry season and the Peak season. Expect higher rates during this period. November to March is the wet / rainy season. Bali has only two seasons…”Dry” and “Wet”…It is recommended to visit Bali in dry season….

If you are in Bali for atleast four nights, you should start your day trips with the visit to the Temples. The temple above and below is the amazing…Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. It was built in 1633 and resides on the banks of Lake Bratan. Any picture of Bali in any magazine/blog has this temple…

Tip : When in Bali, this is a must visit. Insist on going to this spot when you are planning your day trip. If planned properly, you can do both this and Tanah Lot temple in a single day. Bargain hard with the may get a cheaper price than what you were ready to settle for….

This temple is unique. When we visited, it was a bit cloudy and that added to the mystic charm of the place. This place is far from the places where tourists stay. We had put up in Seminyak and it was a good two hours drive to reach this place.

Tip : We got fresh strawberries. These were sold on a lot of shops beside the road. Do buy some and have them right away. They are really fresh..

The next temple that you should not miss…is the “Tanah Lot” Temple. This is built right on the sea and is a coveted spot to witness the sunset. The waves come over you and are pretty rough. There is also a cave where the holy sea snakes reside..Sounds thrilling?…

This is the famous..”Barong and Kris” Dance. You will enjoy this, though, at times the over acting of the actors would leave you amused. Don’t miss the start. The beautiful indonesian dance comes at the start and that is one of the best acts of the show!

That’s the demon…in Barong Dance ….

The amazing orchestra who compliment the barons dance!…They play an instrument kept ahead of them in the picture. This instrument is specific to Bali / indonesia. In harmony…the music is at it’s best…

Bali has the mountains, the plains and the beaches. The North of Bali has the mountains and some temples. Somewhere up North, but an hours drive from Denpasar ( Bali Airport) is Ubud. Ubud is famous for rice paddies and the natural beauty. It has the best luxury hotels in the world and is a must visit. We didn’t stay here but visited this place on a day trip. The picture is of the famous “Tegalalang Rice Terrace”. I saw quite a lot of tourists traversing down the meandering pathway into the rice terrace. There are a couple of restaurants with a view of the terraces here.

Tip : After you are done with the trekking, look for the shops selling paintings. One of the cheapest places in Bali to buy paintings. They are all original paintings and a little bit of bargaining can work wonders. I got a steal deal here….

One important point to note, is that, Bali historically has been rich in terms of artists / sculptors and many people in Bali still practice this as their profession. A lot of hotels/resorts worldwide, buy paintings from Bali and get them shipped to their respective places. Can you guess why?……..Because, the art work is original, quality is amazing and the price is pocket friendly. Do I need to say more?…

Do take out some time and take deep breaths in and out while enjoying the scenery here…The air is fresh and crisp. If you stay long…you might settle down here…

We took a glass bottom boat at Benoa for a visit to turtle park and have a look at the corals. Benoa is a place which is ear marked for water sports in Bali and the prices are pretty steep. We negotiated and brought down the price to half of what was asked..but we still felt that it was pricey…

There are a lot of water activities here. Well..the deeper the pocket, the more of these you can try. However, don’t miss the turtle park. It is a good experience…

Benoa is south of Nusa Dua beach. You can ask your cabbie to take you here. If not for anything else, visit this place for the Turtle Park…

The ones that we are touching..are sixty years old and more…

I bet you would pose here  …:)

Bali coffee is renowned worldwide. You also get a lot of herb tea and other organic tea.

The local coffee plants of Bali are a bit taller than the robusta arabica. Both these varieties grow here. The Bali coffee has a strong taste. Luwak coffee is very famous here….:)

The cloth round my waist is not for fashion. It is mandatory for men to wear this at Goa Gajah Temple. This temple is a must visit for the cave temple, the architecture and then the nature…and the fresh fruits…

The holy waters of Goa Gajah….

The fresh fruits of Goa Gajah..!!

A vegetable shop at a market in Bali….this was on our return from the famous Ulan Danu Beratan temple…

This is a local dish we had at a small shop. This dish is known as “bakso”. It had chicken meat balls, a tasty soup, rice cakes and some noodles. A good dish to try. But ensure you have it from a proper good shop…you would know that by it’s footfalls…

A costly lunch which we had at a restaurant with a close up view of Mount Batur. The view was amazing but the cost of lunch here was very pinching. And guess what, i had invited my cabbie for joining us for lunch here..I paid a bill of IDR 650000 for three people and they charged taxes also.

Taxes Tip : Bali has an amazing place called Nusa Dua. It is south of Bali and has 30-40 amazing five star resorts. The place is very safe and is specially cut out for tourists. Entire Nusa Dua does not have taxes. Anything that you eat / shop all tax free. That includes your food / drinks at the hotel also..:)

You get a lot of fresh fruits and fruit smoothies. Must Try!

We tried a half lobster was good but was pricey..!!

This pic is from a place ( shopping mall) called “Bali Collection”. This is in Nusa Dua. You can get good souvenirs / T Shirts etc from this place. Sea food and other types of food are also available. Wait on the menu outside for few minutes and you would find people offering you discounts on your bill. Food is good here!

The sculptures in the temples that you would visit are amazing! No wonder this place has so many artists…

That is Mount Batur. It last erupted in 1970. It is still considered as active. The other active volcano is Mount Agung. It erupted three months back.

The flora and fauna is very colourful here. They add a lot of colour and charm to Bali!

That is my footstep in bali. Don’t forget to leave yours! 🙂

Beaches are good for surfing and you would notice a lot of tourists carrying their surf boards..This one is from Jimbaran beach!

This is Nusa Dua beach. Luxury at it’s best with almost all five star resorts based out of this place. The beach is nice and clean….:)

If you are lucky, you may catch up on the “fire Show” on Nusa Dua beach !

Private beach of the resort that we had put up…Amazing…isn’t it?

Bali has a lot of museums and this is from one of them. We had visited Museum Pacifica in Nusa Dua. One of the must see places. They do not allow you to take pics in all the rooms. Only in three rooms, pics are allowed. These are some pics from this amazing gallery…!!!

The museum has specific rooms highlighting French / Italian / Dutch and other world influences on Bali. They give you a free drink once you are done with the tour…

A dinner set up on the private beach of the resort that we stayed in. Cost…IDR 1 Million…:)

Definitely, we gave it  pass!

The amazing sunset at Jimbaran beach ….

Tip : you would find a lot of sea food restaurants here. They are costly. Instead, look for a sunbed for rent. We got two sunbeams and enjoyed watching the sunset from there…Cost IDR 70000 per sunbed. Time : Till sunset. Value : Priceless….

Final Verdict : Bali is a place which will stay with you even when you are back home. It has a strong deep rooted culture ( 85% of population in Bali are Hindus), active volcanoes, amazing beaches, out of the world natural beauty and commendable arts and crafts. You can visit for any or all of the reasons above…I bet you would find one more reason to add to this list!

Stop Thinking! Start Packing!


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