Darjeeling – The Heritage Toy Train Ride to Ghoom!

Darjeeling – The Heritage Toy Train Ride to Ghoom!


When in Darjeeling, you can’t miss this. The heritage toy train joyride.

One of the oldest in the world, you need to take a ride to experience the thrill. It takes you back in time and the noise of the steam engine makes you swing as if its a beat….from the latest psychedelic trance!

And yes, please book yourself for the joyride on the steam engine. Their are joyrides available on diesel engines also, but I guess, you would miss the actual experience….

And for the ride on steam engine, the tickets run out fast. So, book in advance.

This is the Darjeeling station. The starting point of the joy ride.

You get an amazing view of the Kanchenjunga from here. Ensure, you get a picture at this place with the Kanchenjunga in your backdrop.

Ohh, that’s my Mom and Dad!

Some random clicks, while we were waiting for our ride.

That’s our compartment. 🙂

The hero of Darjeeling station 🙂

Some more random clicks!

That’s the steam engine….which will take us for the joy ride. It came in reverse and logged itself to our compartment….

That’s our train at Batasia Loop. The views at this place is simply out of the world.

That’s Kanchenjunga shot on Nikon D 5300, at Batasia Loop…

The view is amazing and you will wish you could spend some more time here. The train stops for 10 min and I felt it was too less!

The joyride would continue till Ghum station. This is one of the highest altitude stations in the world. Above are few clicks of Ghum station.

There is a museum at Ghum station and the tickets for same are included in the joyride ticket. Ensure, you have a look at the museum.

The toy train ride takes you back in time. You would notice that it is part of the people living there and they are proud of it. It passes through (almost) the shops, someone’s house and all are pretty OK with it. Many would even wave at you while your train chugs ahead!

Must Try!

The End.


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