Goa in Monsoons…..(Most Romantic/Mario Miranda/Fontainhas)

Goa in Monsoons…..(Most Romantic/Mario Miranda/Fontainhas)


Goa in Monsoons is at it’s best! With fresh doses of rain every day ( and in good proportions) the colour of nature goes from 1080 HD to 4K. Everything is so bright and colourful !

Monsoons in Goa allow you rock bottom rates at premium properties and no bee line and zero waiting times at the best of restaurants….

Below are few snapshots of my July 2018 trip…Read on to get convinced on visiting Goa in monsoons…:)

This was the view from one of the properties we had put up for a night. Bang on North Goa!

Streets of North Goa..!

Church at the cross roads to Calangute !

When in Goa…do visit Souza Lobo for Crab cakes (Baked) and sea food! In monsoons you don’t need to wait and can just walk in and get a window seat ( sea view)..:)

The delicious crab cakes…has high doses of cheese…and crab meat….!

A Better Close Up!

The finger licking fish fingers!

Masala Prawn ( With Goan masala….beware..this is a tad spicy !)

That’s Mr. Lobo !

Widely acclaimed!

The lifeguards on prowl…the sea was rough! Beware if you want to get into the sea..!

Found in the lobby of the second property ( a premium one :)) …this was very apt for Goa (in Monsoons)!

It was amazing to cheat the rains and get into the pool…:)

The cruise on river mandovi is to be taken not for the entertainment show but for the views from the upper deck..! Must Try!

One of the casinos..!

Amazing views with casinos in the backdrop! Check with the cruise service provider before coming for the cruise. Ours got cancelled and no one informed. We had to buy fresh tickets at the last moment..!!

Tip : For self drivers like me..there is a parking on the lane next to the main road adjacent to the market. You will not get parking on the main road..and the cruise boats leave from the deck adjacent to the main road!

A Sunbathing dog by the beach ! 🙂

Surf rescue team at Candolim beach!

The GPO of Panjim. We started our Fontainhas walking trip from here! 

The Fontainhas Walking Tour was so amazing that I had to do justice to it by writing a separate blog.

You can read it here..

Goa – Fontainhas Walking Tour (Not to Be Missed)

The old houses of Panjim!

A Window in one of the houses in Fontainhas! Note the use of porcelain vases!

A Breadfruit Tree!

A candid shot depicting Goa in Fontainhas!

“Dil Chahta Hain”….Oh Yes, we do remember this movie don’t we? The fort where they were running around?….Yes, this is the same fort…”Chapora Fort”!

A word of caution…the road to the main fort is very steep and not recommended for senior citizens / people with walking problems…I almost had to be on all fours of mine..to reach to the top!

Once on the Top, you would be rewarded with amazing breathtaking views! This was one of them! Don’t forget to have your ME time here!

The view from the other side!

There is a walking trail beyond the dilapidated fort walls. You can see it in this pic! The trail goes straight over the sea….Do try this one..but at your own risk!

My footsteps in Chapora Fort!

“Fat Fish” – Another Must Try restaurant! This pic showcases its accolades!

Ohh..thats my ride! Rented it in Goa and loved it!

Tip : In Goa..look at renting either a bike or a car and see Goa at your own pace!

The Fish Fingers @ Fat Fish!

Fried Prawns! Delicious!

Goan Prawn Curry and Rice! Must Try!

When in Goa try the Bebinca! Also try the Dodol…Yummy!!

Monsoon in Goa has it’s own charm! Well…you won’t be getting much of the Sun…but, if you like cheating the rain ( at times you will get beaten by the rain and get fully drenched), you would be able to sneak in some of the activities you intended to do..:)

Most of the restaurants are open during this time. 

And…Ohh yes…dont forget to visit the gallery of Mario Miranda ( The famous cartoonist form Goa!) You can bring home quite a few work of art…( not the original ones :))

Print of a work of Art by Mario Miranda!

And don’t forget to carry back loads of fresh cashews and some port wine!

The End!!



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