Koh Samui – You Wont feel like Coming Back!

Koh Samui – You Wont feel like Coming Back!


I had travelled to Thailand for quite a number of times simply because it is visa on arrival for Indian passport holders and because it is blessed with pristine beaches and clear waters with the best sea food available.
Having been to Krabi, Phuket. Pattaya.....I was looking at a beach destination in Thailand,  this time, which has an international airport ( Means I could fly in directly) and also had out of the world views with amazing food !
Koh Samui fit the bill in all ways.

Samui is a laid-back place and is ideal for couples / solo travellers seeking solitude and time with self. You can ideally club your Samui trip along with Bangkok...you get to experience a slow, chilled out beach destination ( Samui) and a damn fast city life ( Bangkok). 

Samui island is big and is well connected with roads. Lots of cabbies are available and they are pretty well mannered. English is the language which you can primarily use, but don't spend time with long sentences...just get the point across..use short phrases...:)

To start with, the airport looks like a resort and you are put in open buses, once you get down from the flight, which take to you to the immigration. The airport feels like a resort and they have tried all means to keep it like that. The airport makes you feel that you are here for a Holiday !

Have look at my video for a peak a boo :)

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Now let us see it through the eyes of iPhone 6 Plus ( Images) :

The view at Koh Samui airport, as you come out !

IMG_4495That’s the View from the balcony of my room….The Hotel was awesome…Built into nature…IMG_4531




IMG_4499View From The Room …Why Do I need to go somewhere else?IMG_4502

IMG_4509More views : ( The boutique resort is one of a kind and is nestled on a hill. The reception is the highest point ( next to the Lamai - Chaweng road). You have to climb down a lot of stairs, but the view that you get is worth it...

The resort has a rustic look and feel. I liked this cupboard placed at the dining area which depicted different kind of pots...IMG_4590


IMG_4591Spa at the resort…IMG_4592The breakfast was complimentary and was ala carte. Found it fresh and good!




IMG_4596They have this deck right on the ocean ! A Walk on the deck is highly recommended…IMG_4605Nature at it’s best and you happen to be close to the action..!IMG_4607We were offered a private pool villa which was on one extreme corner of the resort. I loved the serene beauty, the “private” feel and the proximity to nature.

NB : The washroom had glass walls and you will feel that you are in the open..But thats the beauty. They give you full privacy and want you to make full use of it…:)

We found this gentleman…in our washroom…:)IMG_4513Thats me ! 🙂IMG_4551Food in Koh Samui was out of the World ….and Cheap !! – Highly Recommended!


IMG_4555That Lobster was so Soft and So Tasty !….IMG_4699Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab : Juicy and succulent inside, Crispy Outside …IMG_4701Glimpse of the Entire Platter that we had…!! ( Amazing sea food) – From the left is the Crab fried rice, the deep fried soft shell crab, the out of the world lobster in thai sauce and the amazing prawn thai curry in the coconut shell….IMG_4697You can choose your sea food from the platter…Most of the restaurants have this kind of a setting which displays the fresh catch of the day…

IMG_4708When in Samui, You can’t escape this ! Must Try !!….Coconut water along with soft fleshy coconut which you can scrape out…and they give you a spoon to scrape it out…Amazing taste…highly recommended…IMG_4693Try organic cocktails – Never seen them so Colourful !
IMG_4679Ark Bar : Must Visit Place…( Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the fire show for which it is famous!!) This is on the famous Chaweng beach….Go for it ! They have accommodation also, and looked suitable for backpackers. I recommend, spend an evening here! They normally have firework shows on wednesdays and weekends.

IMG_4580The Big Buddha ….Do Some Sightseeing and don’t forget to enjoy the coconut ice-cream ….IMG_4614

Namueng Waterfall :

Now, this was some hell of a Ride :

A ride by a 4X4 vehicle for about 10 mins on a rough terrain ( I understood why they had seat belts for individual passengers at the back) and then a trek up for 10 min, takes you to the first Waterfall. If you feel this is not enough, at your own risk, go for the second waterfall, for which you have to trek up for around 20 min midst deep jungle and no walkable road. 

Warning : Be careful or you  might slip on the rocks and injure yourself.

We went half way up towards the second waterfall and then decided to head back. Trust me, coming down / heading back was tougher than going up ! 

But, overall, we got adequate adrenaline rush for the day !!
IMG_4652These warnings greet you stating that you need to cross - "One By One"...IMG_4653That's the waterfall ( A part of It). There were quite a few who were swimming along in the water pool below the waterfall.....IMG_4661I decided to park myself on the boulders and enjoy the view...And then a couple came by and insisted that we go further up as there was a waterfall much bigger than this one and had much scenic beauty around. Little did I know what was in store !IMG_4673What followed next, was nothing short of misery. We kept going up, the pathways disappeared, there were rocks with ropes hanging as shown below and the terrain was becoming more rough and the jungle was turning more deep ! We continued to climb for around half an hour...From two legs, we were actually on all four, making the best use of our hands...to find something to hang along !

My sixth sense kept telling me, retreat might be the better option! My ego kept telling me..."Don't be a spoilsport..You can do it"...

When we were out of breath and were resting on the roots of a tree, we decided to head back. Enough of being adventurous....!! 

The heading back was more difficult than climbing up, since the rocks were steep and one slip could lead to injuring ourselves grievously. The tropical climate added salt to the wound...I was perspiring profusely and the heat added to my frustration...

We somehow managed to scrape through and get done finally, and the sign of relief was showing in our faces, as below....:)

This is highly recommended for couples / solo who have an eye for doing something different. Travellers with kids / elderly people, restrict yourselves to the elephant ride....

To get here, you have to hail a cab..The official hourly rate is 500 THB per hour, but you can strike a deal with the cabbie in case you are planning for a day long sight seeing tour.

IMG_4677Pancakes are famous here..Try the banana pancake…It’s Good !IMG_4581The Samui map…( You can go to Fisherman’s Village in Bophut, preferably in weekends. Try the Lamai beach and the Chaweng beach for food and shopping!)IMG_4678The trip to Koh Samui was a refreshing one. Don’t forget to carry coconut based soaps / extra virgin coconut oils as a souvenir.  We carried her as a souvenir from our boutique resort and named her ” MOOEY”. She is made from coconut shell and is really cute ….

IMG_4836Samui is highly recommended….A wonderful destination…Wish we could stay longer !!

With heavy heart, we had to leave…Not before, I could capture the view below in my heart..to be retained forever…

and Yes, I will come back! …..


The End….


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  1. On the way to office, but after going through feel like go back home, pack my bag and head towards Airport and handover myself to Koh Samui…

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