Krabi – James Bond Island / Canoeing in Mangroves / Floating Village

Krabi – James Bond Island / Canoeing in Mangroves / Floating Village


What do you do in Krabi when you visit the place for the second time?

Well… try new things or excursions you missed out last time….

On this premise, I invite you to peep into my amazing journey narrated below.

We had booked this trip the evening before through a local travel shop ( you will find plenty of them in Ao Nang road leading to the beach). We reported to the shop at 8.45 am and were promptly asked to board a mini van. With us, was another Indian family with three kids, seated behind.

Listening to the three kids and their stories was humorous and irritating at the same time. 🙂

After around 2 hours, we reached this place, as shown below……

Few more mini vans arrived and suddenly the crowd was 20 member strong. There were people from diverse nationalities and we were asked to board a long tail boat….

Well….the boat was really long with a long tail and all of us managed to squeeze ourselves in…..

We sat somewhere in the middle of the boat…..and the view ahead was like this…..

We were passing through the mangroves and were frequented by water splashes from both sides…..safeguarding the camera and clicking pictures at the same time was pretty challenging …..

The boat drove through the mangroves for quite some time and brought us to a big trailer parked in the water. On disembarking, we understood, this was a stop for getting into our canoes.

I had never rode a canoe before and trust me….I was pretty scared looking at the canoes. They were six feet by two feet rubber canoes with a guy who came pre installed :)…..he was the one who peddled the canoe….

We got into ours….(with life jackets ) and my heart was in my mouth…I had to balance my DSLR…..ensure that I don’t fall off and also ensure that I clicked good photos…..a tough situation to negotiate…..

As the canoe proceeded, I forgot the pain in my cramped legs…..forgot that I can drown and die……forgot everything distracting…….the beauty of the lime stone cliffs on one side and the mangroves on the other side, had made me speechless in awe! You don’t feel like this often, and I wanted this to stay with me forever…..

As the canoe proceeded, these were the views…..

And then…..we reached this cave ……water droplets were seeping down the limestone cave and we canoed underneath …..

Was this awe?……

This one was taken by our captain and he did a decent job….what say?

At this point, my back had started revolting and I felt like I would die if I don’t lie down….and I did….on the lap of the “Canoe Captain”…..(almost)….:)

Everything was so quiet……except the odd shouts and screams from the other canoes…..

That’s the main trailer, where we headed back to embark on our long tail boat… James Bond island!

These are some pics that I took on our way to James Bond island….

This island is known as James Bond island… of the James Bond movies were shot here and that’s how the island got it’s name….

This island was crowded with tourists….. it had one of the best limestone formations across the cliffs…..

Few advisory …..most important being – “No Drones”…

That’s us…..

That’s Me….:)

Our footsteps in James Bond island…..the beach had only broken shells…as you can see in the pic….

Look at the limestone formation behind me!

Some history…..if you are interested….

On our way back, we stopped at the floating village for lunch….we shared the lunch table with a Bulgarian couple…..

Delicious food – Tom Yum soup / Baked fish dipped in thai sauce/ fried prawns and rice…..amazing!

The entire village is floating and it also has a mosque… entire community stays here….they mostly survive on tourism….the food they prepare is tasty but I wonder ….how their life would be…..floating on water 24/7….

Overall, this was an amazing experience and I recommend strongly. This is closer to Phuket, but pretty much doable from Krabi. We were back to our hotel by 5 PM…..

We were leaving the next day morning…..for Bangkok….

Want to know what we did in Bangkok….on our anniversary?….Watch our for the next blog….

The End….

@ Boudhaayan – All photographs copyrighted and should not be used without permission !


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