Mauritius – Submarine Ride / I Came Back Alive :)

Mauritius – Submarine Ride / I Came Back Alive :)


We had planned this when we were back in India! The tickets were high priced, but we had made up our mind to give it a shot!

The Submarine Ride…..In Mauritius!

Have a sneak peak of my tour….in the video below! If you like the video, don’t forget to subscribe and like my youtube channel!!

We were super excited! in me and CB ( my travel buddy)!! We woke up early and got ready fro something, we had never done before….a submarine ride!!

Few words of advice:

  1. Book your submarine ride in advance through the website. A company called “Blue Safari”, conducts these rides.
  2. You can even choose your slots. They normally, have 2-3 slots in a day. and they don’t dive on a rainy day!
  3. You would receive a confirmation on the diving day and time, couple of days later, once you make the online payment.
  4. Each submarine can accommodate only 9-10 passengers, hence, it is advisable to book in advance for your preferred date.
  5. The tickets are expensive, but, it is worth the price! Very few places in the world, actually allow you a submarine ride and take you to the bottom of the sea!

The roads in Mauritius are laced with sugarcane fields on both sides. We had put up on the eastern side of the island, and it was a good 1 hour drive to the reporting office of Blue Safari! With these pristine views, we felt surreal!

On reaching the Blue Safari office, we reported to the front desk.

After some customary selfies, we were guided into a boat, which would take us to the submarines!

Excitement Galore!

Look at the Swag!

This was in the boat!

French / Indian / Chinese and off course English! With this, what can you make out?

Well it was a French colony, where lots of inhabitants were Indians who had come to Mauritius generations ago! What about the Chinese?

Or else, do they have most tourists from France / India and China?

I leave it to your imagination 🙂

After a brief 10-15 minutes in Indian Ocean, our pilot was seeking permission to dock at the barge ahead!!

We were allowed to dock shortly!

First Look of the Submarine! This one was coming back from the trip and was about to dock!

More Pics of the submarine!

Looking at it’s size, I was worried. Would it be worth it?…

Some customary pics….on top of the submarine and inside it!

This was my view ahead, inside the submarine!

I felt like, I am in one of the sci-fi movies!

That’s our Captain….in white!

Some shots of what I could see, once, the submarine reached the sea bed. There was a ship wreck and then there was a place ( captain called it aquarium), where, there were a lot of fishes!

A point to note is that, the cameras behave a bit weird, at the bottom of the sea. The output is not as what you expect it to be! That means, you would have to take as many shots as you can and then check post processing, which one’s have turned out good!

We made it, alive…out of the submarine! It was a wonderful and one in a lifetime experience and I wish we had more time!

For a first hand experience, don’t forget to watch the video at the start of this blog!

Obviously, we needed to celebrate this moment with more snaps 🙂

It all ended with a diving certificate and a souvenir photo!! 🙂

Mauritius is a laid back paradise. Thinking, how to plan it?

Well have a look at my other blogs on Mauritius! 🙂

The End!


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