Mauritius – What you cannot Miss on your Trip!

Mauritius – What you cannot Miss on your Trip!


Mauritius – A destination which is in the bucket list of many, has a lot to offer. The natural beauty is pristine, the people are good and there are a lot of things to do!

Here, I would tell you the things you can’t miss, when you are in Mauritius.

What You Can’t Miss #1 –

The nature. Mauritius is an island country which had emerged out of a volcanic eruption. You would be mesmerised by the beauty. The mountains, the plush green sugarcane fields ( you would find this a lot in Mauritius, in fact Mauritius is one of the world’s largest exporter of sugarcane), the turquoise green water …….take out some time and take all these in. And take it Slow, when you are in Mauritius!

The pristine mountains and the sugarcane fields underneath the sky…..

The view from most of the hotels are like this. We stayed in the east part of the island, where the hotels are moderately priced. The view was amazing and our room was right on the sea.

The landscape is amazing and has an old world charm to it….

You would often find cyclists in full gear. These are mostly foreigners who stay at Mauritius for 4-6 months. You might try cycling and enjoy nature while you are at it!

What You Can’t Miss #2 –

Dolphin Watching early in the Morning… Black River….

Though, I recommend this, better part of me still tells me not to go for it. I am sure, we wouldn’t like, if we get chased at our home, by people, trying to peep in and have a look at our lives!

However, it is a good experience and I would put up a separate blog on this.

What You Can’t Miss #3 –

The Seven Coloured Earth at Chamarel….

This is an amazing place. A certain portion of the land has different shades of brown, grey and some other colours. These are basically minerals with different colours. It is a natural phenomena and the backdrop with seven colours along with green mountains and blue sky, make it a grand affair!

This is one of the most instagrammable places in the World!

What You Can’t Miss #4 –

Food šŸ™‚

The Local Beer and the local thali with veggies, dal and fish….

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of similarity with the Indian cuisines……:)

We dined at Les Palmiers! It was amazing food and is highly recommended…

What You Can’t Miss #5 –

Guided Tour and rum tasting ( the most exciting part) at The Rum factory in Chamarel

While you return from Chamarel, your driver will surely stop at this place. It was raining and the beauty of the place was mesmerising. The distant ocean, the mountains, the colours all around, Will surely make you speechless!

What You Can’t Miss #6 –

The Blue Safari Submarine Tour. This is normally not a part of conducted tour itinerary. Ask for it, else, book it yourself.

This is one lifetime trip down the ocean and you would cherish it all your life.

I would put up a separate blog to do justice to this!

What You Can’t Miss #7 –

More Food……

Le Capre Resto is famous for French cuisine and is highly rated in TripAdvisor. Ask your driver, to take you here…..

The food is amazing! And the people are very good….

What You Can’t Miss #8 –

Stop at Malheureux…..this place has amazing beauty….lay by the ocean for some time and soak it in….

What You Can’t Miss #9 –

There a lot of Temples of Hindu Gods. Stop by at one…to have a glimpse and pay homage…

What You Can’t Miss #10 –

The Look and Feel of the place and the people….

This is very important and allows you to understand, how the locals live. It also lets you know a lot about their lives. In Mauritius, there are Indians who had come to Mauritius some 4-5 generations ago…and there are Africans and then there are people from the mixed ethnicity.

What You Can’t Miss #11 –

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. If you want to do some shopping, head to Port Louis. The waterfront is amazing and has a lot of shopping and eating joints. Bargaining is allowed, but not too much.

Try and speak to your driver, to take you to a ship factory. Mauritius is famous for ship replicas and it is the cheapest at the factories. Amazing intricate work and they even pack it specially to be carried in flights.

What You Can’t Miss #12 –

Plan a Trip to Le Valley De Couleurs nature park. You would get to do zip lining on world’s third longest zip line. You can also do quad biking / buggy riding / turtle feeding and a lot more!

I had never been so adventurous ever šŸ™‚

What You Can’t Miss #13 –

More adventure sports like parasailing over the Indian Ocean. We were even dipped in the ocean once. Must Try!

Mauritius is so beautiful that you would cherish your trip lifelong. The colour of the ocean, the people, the adventures will all leave a mark on you.

Watch this video to get a first hand feel about my Day One in Mauritius ….who knows….you might pick up a leaf from this ….and plan for Mauritius šŸ™‚

Am already planning to go back. When are you planning?

To Be Continued….


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