Review / Hermitage Villas at Taj Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa

Review / Hermitage Villas at Taj Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa


Disclaimer : All photographs and videos have a copyright @Boudhaayan. They are shot on Nikon D5300 and GoPro Hero. None of the photos and videos are to be used without permission. Opinions expressed here are mine, based on my personal stay and experience.

Click on this Video for a Teaser…!

History of Hermitage Villas and Few Facts :

Spread over 42 acres, Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa is built on the ramparts of a 17th century Portuguese fortress. It is Goa’s first luxury hotel, opening its doors to guests in 1974. It was the host hotel for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 1983. And that’s where, the history of Hermitage Villas, come in!

The Hermitage villas situated on the top of a hillock overlooking the sea, are set amongst lush landscaped gardens. 17 villas were built for hosting each of the Head of State for CHOGM retreat in 1983.

The Villa, that we stayed In!
We stayed in this. This Villa specifically has a clear view of the beach far down….Ask for this One!
The banyan tree right next to our Villa! The Villas are set in the Lap of Nature!
The Hammock in the Lawn! I tried reading newspaper in the mornings lying on the hammock! You feel as if you are in the midst of serene nature!
Garden Chairs and table, in case you wish to sit outside, in your lawn!
The Sunbeds in the lawn…Did you notice the peacock in the background! It came to visit us quite a few times!

All these villas have been recently renovated. The newly renovated villas’ design takes inspiration from the Portuguese ‘Azulejo’, the traditional white and blue ceramic work which are ubiquitous in Portugal’s homes, churches, fountains and even railway stations. These tiles have been produced without interruption for the last 500 years. The deep azure tones pay tribute to Goa’s Portuguese past while incorporating other bold, characteristically Goan colours, and distinctive vernacular details, providing an unmistakable sense of place.

The layout of the villas maximises light and takes care to bring in the stunning views.

This design element combined with the high, vaulted ceilings and the bold architectural palate give the villas a delicate touch of grandeur.

Watch this Video to have a look at the recently renovated Hermitage Villa

Elaborate architraves, pediments and cornices reference the old historic Goan mansions in the villas’ main rooms, cleverly bringing a typically external feature into the intimate interiors. The doors and windows continue the theme with elegant wooden tracery and high vaulted ceilings with exposed rafters give an enlightening sense of space while adding a traditional touch.

Carefully selected soft furnishings blend colonial and contemporary influences with rich woods and veneers accented by carved panes and spiral legs. Organic and floral designs hint at the villas’ garden setting. A collection of ‘azulejo’-inspired glazed ceramics and more contemporary abstract paintings strike a balance between the villas’ historic inspiration and the resort’s modern identity. 

A curated set of artworks and artefacts reinforce the design narrative and support local artisans!

The Plush Drawing Room
The Spectacular Bedroom
Antique Chair in the Bedroom
A seating area (read : chilling Zone) in the bedroom, which is a characteristic of old Goan houses!
Separate Dining Room with all amenities
I loved this fan in the bedroom ceiling!
The Luxurious Bathroom!
The Toiletries provided, were premium!
I got into this bathtub couple of times! 🙂
The clear view, from the lawn, of the Sinquerim, Calangute, Candolim and Baga beaches, down below!
That’s Me 🙂
Early Morning View of the Lawn from the chairs at the balcony!
Resting on these chairs and sipping tea, every morning and introspecting on nuances of life, was one of my tasks here 🙂
During one of our hikes, we noticed this fruit, plucked this fresh out of one of the trees and devoured it too! It was so juicy!
This was that tree! It was full of red ants 🙂
Amazing Nature!

Our stay at Hermitage Villas, changed our perception about luxury accommodations in India. In fact, it is even better than a lot of luxury accommodations in the World (To places I have been).

The sheer opulence, yet being so close to nature, is the strongest USP of these villas! And you get to be a part of history too, due to the CHOGM retreat in 1983! I wonder, we stayed in which Head of State’s Villa? 🙂


Location of the Villas : 10 / 10

Located up the hill, on the fringes of fort Aguada, amidst true nature. If you are looking for complete privacy, then this is what you should book!

Access to The Villas : 9.5 / 10

Though the Villas are 1-2 km uphill, from the reception, you get free car service at your beck and call. In fact, we preferred to walk up and down, a couple of times….the stroll was amazing!

Opulence Quotient : 10 /10

The interiors of the Villa will simply make you dumb struck! Amazing interiors! Every element present in the villa from the decor to even the water bottle, has a luxury touch to it!

Price : On the costlier side. But if you compare with other luxury accommodations in Goa and worldwide, you would Love the Price point!

Service Quotient : 10/10

True Taj hospitality is what you would get here! Taj is known for it’s top notch service levels and that is possible only because of the people of Taj.

I was lucky to meet a few and am putting their names for conveying my thanks to them, for their out of the world customer delight!

Special Thanks to the People of Taj Aguada for making our stay so Memorable!

Our Heartfelt thanks and regards to : ( Names in no particular order)

  • Praydhumna Singh
  • Mandira
  • Hrudananda Behera (Executive Chef)
  • All The Chefs at Morisco for plating delectable cuisine one after another
  • Doris D’Souza
  • Valenkho Luis
  • Joel Sequeira
  • Kunal Malhotra
  • Both the wonderful serving guys in Morisco, for your personalised touch ( I am sorry, I forgot your names)
  • Aquino Lopes
  • Adharsh Adhao
  • Sarita Fernandes

The End


2 thoughts on “Review / Hermitage Villas at Taj Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa

  1. Thanks Boudh for capturing the true beauty of this place. Remember staying here long time back and can’t agree more with you on the beautiful view and the luxury Taj offers. It was my first experience of such luxury private villa. Your video and photos really helps people to see the luxury and makes us wonder are we missing something. So let’s us know what the right time to visit this place considering Goa can get very Hot and very expensive also.

    1. Thanks Arun for taking out time to go through my blog. Yes, the Hermitage Villas are luxury and opulence at it’s best! I think the best time to visit Goa is June – Sep. The prices are down to almost half and you get to see Goa at it’s greenest! Dec would be the costliest and crowded too!

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