The Special Evening at Bangkok ( Dinner Cruise on Chao Phraya River)

The Special Evening at Bangkok ( Dinner Cruise on Chao Phraya River)


Bangkok has been our favourite destination for quite some time now. We keep going back because of the food, the culture and the people. Every time it unfolds exciting experiences for us, and this time, it was on our anniversary evening, that, we got to experience this dinner cruise.

For special evenings, you would prefer a relatively quieter place, good food, nice ambience and people with smiling faces. This dinner cruise was a heady cocktail of all these.

Ready for the special evening……

Waiting for the hotel boat to arrive…..

That’s our hotel boat. Most of the hotels around chao phraya river offer free boat service to Saphan Taksin pier. You can get down at saphan taksin pier and board on other boats like the blue flag boat (tourist boat) or the orange flag (regular) boat. You can also board the BTS which is right above the saphan taksin pier.

We boarded our hotel boat and got down at Saphan Taksin pier. We had booked ourselves on the Loy Nava dinner cruise and our pick up was scheduled from Saphan Taksin pier.

After a brief wait, we could see the boat heading towards our pier.

The boat is an old rice barge which has been modified to give it a shape that it has now. It offers a seating of around 20 people. You have private buttlers onboard, who would serve you as per the menu chosen. There are set meals which can be opted once you book online.

You also have traditional thai live music and live performances.

We stepped into the boat and were offered our seat. The Live music, the view ahead of us, was as if, back in time.

The boat has a decor which is traditional and it adds to the entire experience.

The sun was just setting, and the entire ambience was changing towards being more magical. And then…..just as we were settling down, the food and drinks started flowing in….

These were the starters. And our private butler – Santosh (not an Indian), told us that we could request another helping of anything that suited our palate. 🙂

We had booked ourselves one sea food meal and one traditional thai meal. The food quality of this cruise had very high ratings on TripAdvisor and we ensured that we didn’t miss anything 🙂

The boat was stopping on different piers and picking up people who had made bookings. Please ensure, that you book online or call them and book in advance. Walk-Ins are not allowed.

Chao Phraya river has a lot of piers on both sides of the river and in the evenings, it goes magical with the lights and the architectures on the backdrop like Wat Arun, Bangkok Palace etc.

Meanwhile, the soup arrived on our table. Food was scrumptiously delicious and we had quite a few additional helpings.

There are noisier options in terms of cruise, on Chao Phraya river. There are two storey cruise boats which offer cruise rides at one fourth the cost. I had tried it earlier. But, everything is very ordinary about it, starting from food to the entire experience. Also, keep in mind that these cruises are popular and are fully packed. Not recommended for those special evenings.

Rather, opt for options like Loy Nava. Quality experience which would stay with you for long!

The river city mall pier is the pier from where all the cruises leave and arrive. We passed by this, on our ride.

More sparkling wine arrived and as the sun had set completely, the traditional thai dance performers emerged.

The traditional dance is one of the reasons why you should be, on this cruise. The ambience takes you back by 40-50 years, into traditional culture of Thailand.

We didn’t want this experience to end. It was so good!

Our private butler – Mr. santosh. He is originally from Nepal and has now settled down here. One of the best service guys. Look out for him in the cruise. He would ensure, your experience goes up by quite a few notches.

The food was exemplary and had options of starters, main course and deserts.

As the boat moved on, we were mesmerised by the view of Wat Arun. This is a sun temple on the banks of Chao Phraya river. It looks splendid during the day and magical during the night!

The main courses started arriving ……the lobsters were delicious ….

The famous Wang Lang market…..view from our boat…

The majestic bangkok palace…..

Few more close ups….

The desert platter….

I had put in a special request of an anniversary cake and they had honoured it. We felt special…:) and elated that they took care of our small request…

The dance performers were friendly and agreed for a pose, in their traditional “mudra” of dance….

Overall, we would rate this Dinner cruise experience – 9/10. Must try when you are looking for spending a special evening with your special one!!

Want to have a real feel..? Watch the video below for a real time experience…

The End


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