Wanna Go Back in Time?…..Cottabetta Bungalow (Tata Plantation Trails) Coorg

Wanna Go Back in Time?…..Cottabetta Bungalow (Tata Plantation Trails) Coorg


It was a road trip that was planned impromptu. We decided to head towards Coorg.

Based on the reviews, we had chosen the “Cottabetta Bungalow” of Tata Plantation Trails. There are a couple of bungalows around Coorg, Chikmaglur, Hassan, managed by Tata, housed within it’s lush green plantations. The rates are steep and I guess they do it purposefully to ensure the quality of crowd.

Cottabetta bungalow is more than 100 years old but is maintained impeccably. The bungalow has wifi facility is is extremely slow and the network connection on your phone will be similar. For a change, you would love the fact that no one can reach you over phone / social media and you get your “ME” time.

It is on top of the plantation and the road uphill to the bungalow has few blind curves too. But, there is no traffic. Occasionally, a jeep of plantation trails passes by. However, there might be traffic due to wild elephants. Our guide told us ( Yes, they have a plantation tour with guide which is complimentary) that wild elephants love coffee fruits since they are sweet and at times they enter the plantation and attack the coffee plants.

The view around the bungalow is heavenly. Take a short stroll and you would be greeted by the arabica and robusta coffee plants which grow in the shade of taller trees. A closer look around the big trees will reveal pepper creepers.

These are the coffee fruits….The beans are taken out of these fruits, dried and processed for coffee.

Few pics of the bungalow exterior…

The interiors of the bungalow are very tastefully done and has a class of it’s own. Few pics of the interiors :

This is the common lobby area that greets you when you walk in.

Our room was really big and could accommodate four people easily. The room was tastefully done and had a wooden flooring.

The best part was that there was no telephone. You had to press a bell for calling the attendant, and boy, he was really fast.

But, the best part was the plantation. You could take a walk on your own, enjoying the nature.

Few pics of the plantation :

Can you notice the mountains far ahead?

We were greeted by fog on one of the mornings. The weather was fantastic and a stroll was amazing.

That’s the coffee flower which smells like jasmine…

More Coffee fruits and flowers…

Flora and fauna….

These boards shouldn’t stop you from moving around in the plantation…:)

A Close Up of the flora…

We were taken for a plantation tour in this jeep. The bungalow caretaker – Mr. Alwyn doubled up as the guide, since all tours were over for the day. He took us to another plantation and showed us coffee / pepper / cardamoms. The tour around the plantation is highly recommended. Ask for this tour once you check in.

Given a chance, I would go back again…

Insider Tips :

  1. The google map location for this bungalow is not correct. If you are coming from Mysore, take the Tithimathi entrance. A broken road through the plantation will take you to this bungalow.
  2. The food is extremely expensive. They charge INR 600 – 750 per person per meal.
  3. Food quality was average on one day and good on the other day
  4. The attendants / caretakers are really nice people, going the distance to make your stay comfortable.
  5. The bungalow is far from the madding crowd. Don’t expect fast internet / good mobile network. Leave your work behind and come here…
  6. It is advised that you reach this place before evening. You are not allowed to venture in the plantation post evening.
  7. The plantation is around 1000 acres and has electric fence around it. Don’t bother…Elephants are smarter and they can bypass these in minutes, in case they wish to enter the plantations
  8. Dont think much…Just go ahead and book. This is the best bungalow amongst all the others.
  9. Room Tip : Book the rooms at the front of the bungalow. They are bigger and have a fantastic view of the plantation ahead
  10. Preferably, drive down to this place. The roads are overall good and you can enjoy the road trip

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